Rewrite the story
  • What did an
    elephant look like?

    How would you explain an elephant to a child if
    elephants no longer roamed the lands of Africa?

  • Africa was once home to the world’s most iconic
    wildlife. Elephants, leopards, rhinos, and giraffes
    once roamed freely.

  • The people of Africa lived in harmony with the
    animals and their lands.

  • But sharing land with Africa’s
    wildlife was difficult.

  • Many wild creatures were killed by poachers.

  • Others were displaced as people needed more space to survive.

  • The animals began to disappear. Soon, no one
    saw any more elephants.

  • One by one, more animals went extinct.

  • The people of Africa suffered too. Once
    coexisting peacefully with their natural
    environment, Africans now struggled to live in
    an empty land.

  • Then, one day, no one could remember
    how this place used to be.

    Africa’s iconic landscape was just a
    distant memory.

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