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When it comes to wildlife conservation, the bigger your footprint, the more wildlife you save. Is your footprint as big as an elephant’s? Find out:

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Do you stay up-to-date on Africa’s wildlife news?


The more you know about wildlife, the better.

You're on the way to having a positive impact on wildlife.

Staying informed is a vital step in advocating for Africa’s wildlife. Knowledge about threats including poaching, habitat loss, and climate change – and how to respond to them effectively – helps you defend wildlife and grows your wildlife footprint.

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How often do you share information about your favorite African animal with friends?

never all the time

Every time you share it matters. Thanks!

Goodness. Never?

Sharing information, photos, and articles about Africa’s magnificent wildlife builds awareness and reminds people that species like the endangered West African giraffe are more than just iconic, they’re also vital to the biodiversity and economic health of Africa. Grow your wildlife footprint by sharing more!

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How often do you participate in advocacy and awareness campaigns on issues vital to the survival of Africa’s wildlife?

never a lot

Great start. But you can become even more active!

Honestly? Not even once?

AWF advocacy campaigns have been instrumental in securing ivory bans, protecting wildlife from the effects of climate change, and bringing awareness to the plight of the pangolin – the world’s most trafficked mammal. Each time you add your name to one of our petitions, you raise your voice as an advocate for defenseless species.

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Have you ever supported AWF’s efforts to conserve wildlife and wild lands with a gift?


Thank you! Your support makes a difference. Are you willing to do more?

Now is a great time to donate!

Thank you! Your generous support is critical to our mission. Did you know if you give today it will be doubled!

The donations we receive from wildlife lovers like you help us operate and expand strategies proven to effectively protect wildlife and wild lands. With the threats to wildlife and habitat on the rise, your support is needed more than ever.

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Calculating your footprint

You got the Bushbaby Impala Cheetah Elephant footprint!

A bushbaby is a good start but with your talents we think you could easily grow your footprint to help protect species you care about. How about climbing to a new level? Share this survey with friends and we’ll bump you up to an elephant footprint!

That’s a great start, but are you making the most of your talents? You can leap to an elephant footprint by sharing this survey with friends!

That’s great! But just like a cheetah you could sprint to grow your wildlife footprint. Just share this survey with friends and we’ll bump you up to an elephant footprint!

Just like an elephant, you’re making a tremendous contribution to maintaining the biodiversity, economic health, and treasured heritage of Africa. We can’t thank you enough. Don’t forget to share your outstanding impact with friends!

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Candice Bergen Candice Bergen

Actor and wildlife activist, Candice Bergen, (who has an exceptionally large wildlife footprint herself), is standing by to match donations made by June 12, 2018 – up to $50,000! Give now to double your impact and leave a lasting impression in the fight to save Africa’s wildlife!


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