Can you imagine a world without elephants?

What about rhinos, gorillas, or lions?

If we don’t act now, then the next generation won’t have to imagine a world without elephants... they’ll be living in it. We can’t let that happen.

Don’t let Africa’s wildlife become history. Join the fight to save these majestic creatures before it’s too late.

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Our Mission

The African Wildlife Foundation is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa. For 60 years, we have worked to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.


We protect over 80 threatened and endangered species through anti-poaching efforts, the creation of conservancies, research, and community collaboration.


We partner with governments, organizations, and people to protect land, maintain biodiversity, and develop environmentally friendly practices.


Together with the people of Africa, we create positive, environmentally conscious change through community empowerment and economic development.