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You got: Lion

You may be “king of the jungle,” but you enjoy spending time with others, especially when it comes to your family. Like lions, whose cooperative hunting lets them take down large prey, you rely on your clan to survive what life throws at you. You are usually at the top of the heap in whatever you do, but you're smart about it. Just like your lion spirit animal, strategy and teamwork are your driving forces.

You might be the king, but one species is trying to take you down… Get your lion report to learn more!

You got: Forest Elephant

Unlike the more common savannah elephant, there is still little known about the forest elephant, and you are just as elusive. You're a private person, who bonds with a few key friends in your life. Though you're not always forthcoming with personal details, you still love your community and you give back to it often. The forest elephant plays a vital role in its ecosystem too, by clearing paths and dispersing important plant life!

Your species is a major target for vicious poachers. Get your full forest elephant report to learn more!

You got: Black Rhino

You may not be the most social of them all, but that doesn't mean you're boring! In fact, like the black rhino, you are known to be a little unpredictable – especially if you don't feel comfortable. Much like your African animal counterpart, you like convenience and stick close to the places that make you happy.

Your species has no natural predator — yet the black rhino remains on the brink of extinction. Get your black rhino report to learn more!

You got: Chimpanzee

You are as social as you are easygoing. You like being with your crew of friends but you also appreciate the companionship of that one special person. You're passionate about eating, but not picky when it comes to the selection, just like the chimpanzee – who eats 80 different types of plants and the occasional piece of meat. You usually are the life of the party and live life to its fullest!

Your species is under serious threat! Get your full chimpanzee report to learn more.

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