AWF Newsletter March 2018
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Trump reverses promises to keep ivory ban

On March 1, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a formal memo announcing its decision to consider all permits for importing elephant and lion parts from Africa on a case-by-case basis. President Trump originally voiced opposition to the Nov. 2017 USFWS trophy ban reversal stating — via Twitter — that big game trophy decisions would be put on hold until conservation facts were reviewed. African Wildlife Foundation calls on President Trump to provide clarity around this decision due to his prior contradictory position. It is essential that the U.S. retains its leadership position in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking, but this is impossible if its own practices about ivory and other wildlife products are not transparent or consistently applied. According to recent estimates, elephant populations have declined 30 percent in seven years and there could be as few as 23,000 lions remaining. The U.S. government must do more to ensure the survival of these vulnerable species and to fight wildlife trafficking. Help us maintain the pressure and call on the Trump Administration to reinstate the ban.

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Mourning Sudan

AWF is deeply saddened to report Sudan, the last surviving male northern white rhino, died on March 19. His death is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact of poaching on Africa’s most iconic wildlife. Sudan symbolized the world’s admiration for Africa’s wildlife but also its greed for illegal wildlife products. Don’t let other endangered species vanish in our lifetime.

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The world lost its last male northern white rhino this week, leaving this subspecies teetering on the brink of extinction. Help us ensure Africa’s other irreplaceable species avoid this same fate.
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Ivory ban lifted

The USFWS quietly lifted the ban on elephant and lion trophy imports from Africa. Send a message to President Trump to let him know you want to see these vulnerable species protected and spread the word.

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Fun Fact

Ethiopian wolves live in packs consisting of extended family members and even raise wolf pups communally. However, unlike other wolf species, the endangered Ethiopian wolf is a solitary hunter.

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Photo credits: Martin Harvey (Sudan), Christina Van Winkle (Chimpanzee), Martin Harvey (Ethiopian wolf)