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Japanese Retail Giant Ceasing Ivory Sales

AWF celebrates Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for its decision to end all sales of elephant ivory. The comprehensive policy change to ensure the protection of elephants from ivory trade became effective this month. This decision came following mounting international criticism of the trade and sweeping public support for a policy change – whereby over 36,500 advocates sent letters to Rakuten's president urging the closure of the platform's ivory sales as part of an AWF campaign. "The announcement by Rakuten is a good gesture to ending illegal wildlife trade and protecting these iconic species, and we urge other online ivory retailers to follow suit," said AWF President Kaddu Sebunya.

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Remembering a Beloved Leader

Botswana's former president and AWF board member, Quett Masire passed away at the age of 91 on June 22. It is part of Masire's legacy, among other things, that Botswana has more elephants than any other country in Africa. The inspirational leader has also been credited as one of the architects of the country's economic transformation. AWF and the African conservation community will treasure his contributions.

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Hong Kong makes historic ivory bust

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Ethiopia's World Heritage Site in recovery

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Wildlife populations rise in Kenya, Tanzania

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Fun Fact

Simien National Park is home Africa's most endangered carnivore, the Ethiopian wolf. There are fewer than 600 adult individuals remaining today.

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