AWF Newsletter February 2017
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Urging Taiwan to Shut Down Ivory Markets

African elephants are at a critical turning point, with 30,000 lost to poaching each year. Poaching not only endangers the survival of this keystone species, but it is also jeopardizes tourism-based revenue for many African economies, fuels transnational organized crime and threatens local and international security. Legal ivory markets — like Taiwan’s — provide a destination for poachers’ bloody contraband and contribute to this insecurity. AWF and the worldwide conservation community have already persuaded numerous governments to ban their domestic ivory trade. Now it’s Taiwan’s turn to take the next step and enact a total ban on ivory sales. Sign our pledge to urge Taiwan to join the worldwide movement to protect elephants.

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Protecting the Pangolin

Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked mammal, but one many people don’t know. On Friday, Cameroon’s Ministry of Forest and Wildlife burned 5 tons of trafficked pangolin scales in recognition of World Pangolin Day and the animal’s increasing vulnerability driven by a demand for its scales and meat.

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Join AWF in protecting Africa’s most trafficked mammal. Give today and help provide safe spaces for pangolins.
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Tell Taiwan it’s time to ban the ivory trade. Add your name to our petition to save elephants from extinction.

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Fun Fact

Hyenas are a matriarchal society where females take the lead in pack life and hunts.

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