AWF Newsletter January 2017
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China’s Ivory Ban Signals Hope For Elephants

As most of the world prepared to ring in the new year, China announced a plan to phase out all ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017. While African governments have been increasingly cracking down on poachers and traffickers, on-the-ground actions alone are not enough to stymie the loss of elephants if ivory markets persist. As one of the world’s largest ivory markets, China’s decision is a crucial step to help halt the crisis. Through The China-Africa Wildlife Conservation Council, a joint venture between African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and the Aspen Institute, we have worked to bring key conservation issues to the forefront of China-Africa relations and strengthen collaboration between the Chinese government and African states. AWF is ready to build on this work to continue the momentum to end the ivory trade.

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Giraffes Face Declining Numbers

One of Africa’s most iconic species is now vulnerable to extinction, according to the latest update to IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species. Africa’s total giraffe population has declined by as much as 40 percent in just the last three decades. “This new designation by IUCN helps draw much-needed focus to a species that many do not realize is in danger,” says AWF Vice President for Species Protection Philip Muruthi.

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Giraffe populations are down 40%. Give now to help us provide more safe spaces for giraffes to roam.
3.1 tons of pangolin scales seized in China

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Effects of climate change felt across Africa

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Pioneering conservation in conflict areas

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Pledge for Elephants

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Wildebeest are driven by their appetites. They can travel thousands of miles, migrating in search of grass and water.

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