AWF Newsletter November 2016
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AWF x Years of Living Dangerously

AWF and Years of Living Dangerously are focusing on the catastrophic effects of climate change in the newest episode of the Emmy-Award winning program. Shifting climate patterns will have a catastrophic effect on Africa’s wildlife and people, and the expected rise of 2 degrees Celsius could drive as much as 40% of Africa’s mammals into critically endangered or extinct status by 2080. Tune in to the episode on Nov. 30 on National Geographic Channel to watch AWF director Fiesta Warinwa shed light on these threats with actor and correspondent Aasif Mandvi — and find out what we can do to change the trend.

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Vietnam’s Appetite for Rhino Horn

Just this month, Vietnam destroyed a stockpile of ivory and rhino horn ahead of the Hanoi Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. AWF is encouraged by the move, but AWF’s CEO Patrick Bergin calls on the country to take decisive action to stem the loss of Africa’s rhinos. “The fact remains that Vietnam is the largest consumer of rhino horn in the world…” and the country remains “of primary concern to the international community.”

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Poachers killed at least 1,339 rhinos in 2015. At this rate we could lose them all. Give now and help AWF stop the killing.
Saving wildlife this holiday season

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Guarding Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park

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Big developments for Africa’s largest species

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Fun Fact

When frightened or disturbed the dik-dik emits a whistling sound from its nose that sounds like “zik-zik,” which is probably how it came to get its unusual name.

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