AWF Newsletter July 2016
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Zambia’s Elephant Refuge Under Attack

A historical elephant safe haven, Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park finds itself plagued by the poaching crisis sweeping across the continent. In 2015 Lower Zambezi began to see a rapid rise in poaching rates across the park. “The poaching has become more professional and sophisticated, with organized criminal syndicates at play, rather than subsistence poaching,” says CEO of Conservation Lower Zambezi Ian Stevenson. That’s when AWF stepped in to partner with the conservation group to protect Lower Zambezi’s critical elephant population through a combination of anti-poaching efforts and human-elephant conflict mitigation techniques. We’re already making a difference. With AWF’s help 11 poachers’ camps have already been dismantled and three suspected poachers were arrested — turning the tide in the fight against wildlife crime.

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Remembering Cecil

One year ago, a hunter killed Zimbabwe’s iconic lion, Cecil. His death brought global attention to lions’ rapid decline— with 43 percent of the world’s population lost in just two decades — and an outpouring of support for the big cats. In the last year, we’ve made progress in the fight to save Africa’s lions, but we need to continue to do more to save them from their human predators.

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We’ve made great strides in the year since Cecil’s death, but we still need your help to save lions.
Conservation tourism bolsters local economies.

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Protecting forests through climate mitigation.

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Three easy ways to save wildlife.

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Fun Fact

It takes a newborn giraffe calf only about one hour after being born to stand and run by itself.

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