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She's just 7.

But her story began a millennium ago… and may soon end.

The findings of the Great Elephant Census are in, and they’re worse than we thought. During her brief life this young elephant’s species has experienced a 30% decline.

She was born in 2009 in Kenya. Her father was a Great Tusker and her mother was a matriarch who led a herd of more than 30 elephants.

With that lineage, she should be destined to lead her own herd. But the numbers revealed in this summer’s elephant census show she may never have the chance.

Her father is already dead – killed for his magnificent tusks. Her mother has valiantly protected their herd but poaching has reduced their number to just 12.

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The decline of Africa’s elephant population in the last 7 years

When her father was born in the 1970s, scientists put the African elephant population at more than 1.3 million. Today, there are only 350,000 elephants remaining.

With an average lifespan of 70 years and slow breeding rates, elephant populations will be halved in the decade it takes this young elephant to reach breeding age.

If we don’t act quickly and effectively, this highly intelligent and social creature may be destined for a future that is both lonely and short.

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Elephants could be extinct in our lifetimes.

More than hope… an answer.

AWF’s comprehensive anti-poaching strategies are this elephant’s best hope.